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Indian railways journey is a lifetime experience. In the first instance, Indianrailway online booking is very easy to book and now with the invent of so many online travel agents providing Indianrailway online booking, it is even more convenient. Very often, the information you receive at the enquiry counter may not be very reliable since graft and black-marketeering are endemic in the system but online booking of railways reservation is characteristic of the paraphernalia of any developing economic system, the Indian railway is plagued by unending anomalies offline. Interestingly, all these maladies pile up on the ill-fated tax-payer who, while sustaining the system, bears the brunt of its pitfalls also, but with the ever changing evolution of Indian railways, Indianrailway reservation has also changed with time. We as in users beyond the age group level of 30 are digital immigrants but teens are digital native and it is that evolution that makes Indian railwayss different from rest of the Indian railways booking arms.

If you are in an emergency and you cannot obtain Indianrailway reservation for your journey in the Indian railway, you will experience not just nightmare but simply hell while being alive and breathing on this beautiful planet. Tourists who travel without reservation are destined to survive in the unreserved compartments. It is a cattle-class virtually and hordes of commuters are herded into the compartments where you have to breathe out into the nostrils of your companion. This may be an over-simplification of the milieu in which under-privileged and ill-fated citizenry is packed like sardines sans 'breathing-space'. Leaving the sardonic vein, when viewed in a "brutally positive" perspective, this whole violence, sound and fury of an Indian railway journey is an efficacious 'exercise in national integration'. Here the catholicity of Indian populace consisting of the myriad of cultural, linguistic and regional identities fret and fume, sweat and swear and in the process have to mix and merge till the end of the journey.

This nightmare of Indian railway journey in an unreserved compartment may be primarily due to the huge crowd of passengers which is characteristic of any over-populated territory. There is the preponderance of an underprivileged, ill-fed and ignoramus segment of population among the railway commuters. They would hijack any little solace you might be enjoying by having evoked yourself the most sane and sanguine temperament in you. In a scene of free for all, around you, and often on you, they would be indulging in the entire spectrum of activities that they are capable of. They would indulge in vociferous political debates, and midway through, peel and eat fruits, drink beverages, chew tobacco and spit over your shoulder and partly on you and hit at your silhouette unmindfully in the process. All along, you will be smoking the cocktail of fumes emanating from country cigars enjoyed by your compatriots around you. But all in all, its a enthrilling fun while travelling Indianrailway. Where else you will find this freedom of puking and poking at the same place and enjoy of the game of cards while on board on Indianrailway trains. Internet has made it easy to locate Indianrailway pnr status online. domestic offers with yahoo


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05 January, 2010 and Yahoo India have signed an advertising deal under which Yahoo India will feature as the recommended travel website on its homepage. Yahoo India will also provide display advertising inventory to on its Homepage, Finance and News sections. will also be featured as the Knowledge Partner on Yahoo Answers for Travel category.

Bharat Malik, head, online marketing,, has said, “It is a long term partnership, whereby we will harness the strengths of Yahoo, the preferred destination of Indian internet users. It will enable us to increase the brand awareness of and have a positive impact on our advertising in other online mediums as well.”

Dhruv Shringi, co-founder and CEO,, has said, “Partnering with a leading site like Yahoo India is a logical choice for Through this association, we believe that will benefit from the strong reach of Yahoo in India.”

Arun Tadanki, managing director, Yahoo India, has said, “The Yahoo network reaches 72 per cent of all internet users in India and we are committed to strengthening our audience growth through product innovations and marketing investments. We are also very focused on providing our advertisers with comprehensive solutions to reach their target audience effectively. Our advertising partnership with leverages various properties of Yahoo India to provide strong visibility to this leading travel portal.” train


Posted on : 3:23 AM | By : Sagar has announced the extension of their strategic relationship with IRCTC by renewal of its contract to offer train bookings on its travel portal. IRCTC, the fastest growing ecommerce website in Asia pacific has extended their agreement with because of its proven track record and number of bulk bookings that have happened in their alliance thus far.

In keeping with its innovative spirit, has also rolled out yet another exciting and unique scheme for their customers making their rail travel bookings on the website. Under this offer, a customer can avail a discount of Rs. 1000 on any domestic hotel of his or her choice just by booking his rail travel

Speaking on the contract renewal and new offer, Dhruv Shringi, Co Founder and CEO,, said, “Travel by Indian Railways is the single largest and most economical mode of public transport in India, with over 1.2 million travelers booking and travelling through 7,000 passenger trains daily. With this number growing phenomenally every year, it was essential to meet the demands of our customers and continue providing them with the option to travel by trains. AtYatra .com we always aim for high customer satisfaction our constant efforts are towards introducing maximum unique offers which add more value to our products and services.”

The key highlight is Yatra’s best-in-class booking experience that uses most advanced technology and offers customers quick & easy navigation. Under this service, users can view all available trains, timings, fares and seat availability for 5 days on a single screen, in addition to being able to book and cancel online. Tatkal bookings and senior citizen quotas too are available for booking.

Along with easing the booking process for customers, through its retail arm, Yatra Holiday Lounges, develops ideas for customers who would like to personalize and customize their travel. These holiday lounges allow customers to book a holiday best suited to their needs in consultation with aYatra Travel Expert. Currently, Yatra .com, has eleven premium Lounges spanning across the country, located in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), Noida (Delhi NCR), Chennai, Chandigarh, , Ludhiana, & Pune.

train online booking


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1. How will the tickets be delivered to me?
Currently, we offer you the facility of e-tickets, which will be available in the My Bookings section on You can login at any time and print your copy, even if you lose one and need another.

2. How many days before a travel date can I book a ticket?
Online booking is possible up to 90 days before your planned date of travel. However, for some special trains this period may be a little less.

3. How long before the departure of a train can I make an online booking?
Online booking is possible till the final chart for the train is prepared, this is normally 4 hours before the train’s scheduled departure. However, sometimes railways do prepare the chart the night before the train’s departure, especially in the case of early morning trains.

4. Why can’t I book or cancel tickets between 11:30pm to 5:00am?
The railway reservation system is shut down between 11:30pm to 5:00am every day, which is why online booking or cancellation is not possible.

5. What is the maximum group size for which I can book tickets?
Online booking is possible for a maximum of six passengers. This number includes any children or senior citizens who are traveling together.

6. I am traveling with a group of 8 other people. How can I make a group booking?
Currently, online reservation is possible for a maximum of 6 passengers at a time. However, if you are traveling with a larger group (of say 7 or more), you can divide the group and make multiple bookings.

7. What are the different ticket types that I can book online? offers you the facility to book confirmed as well as RAC and waitlisted tickets online. You can also book tickets under the tatkal quota.

8. The site is showing that seats are available on the train I want to book, but my booking failed. Why?
Sometimes bookings fail because:
- The waitlist quota has been filed and no more seats are available.
- There is a problem with the railway reservation system.
In either case, you can just re-try for the same train or book on another one.

9. I was not able to make a successful booking. Can Yatra Customer Service help?
It is likely the booking failed due to a problem with the Indian Railways Reservation System. In such cases, our Customer Service Team will not be able to help you. You will have to try booking a ticket online again or choose another train. However, if the booking failed but the payment was processed, a Yatra Customer Service Representative will help you in processing the refund.

10. I was able to make a confirmed booking, but I have not been allotted a berth or coach. Why is that?
As you have a confirmed ticket, you don’t need to worry if your ticket doesn’t have a seat number. Sometimes, especially in the case of AC First or Executive Class booking, railways do not assign a seat till the final chart is prepared. At that time, you will find out your seat and coach number through the chart.

11. Do I need a proof of identity while making a booking?
You do not need to enter any ID proof details while making a booking. However, you must carry a photo identity proof with you when you travel.

12. What kind of photo identity proof will I have to carry?
While traveling on an e-ticket, you can show any of the following as a photo identify proof:
- Passport
- Driving license
- PAN card
- Voter’s ID card
- Photo ID card issued by central or state government to their employees
Please note, that for all passengers traveling together on a single e-ticket booking, the lead passenger must carry a photo identity proof.

13. Can I book tickets for my friends or family?
Yes, just like flights, you can book tickets for friends and family. Just remember, that while traveling the passenger must carry a valid photo identity proof.

14. Railways offer auto-upgradation. Is that available on
While railways offer the facility of auto-upgrade, this is currently unavailable on

15. I have a waitlisted ticket. Can I check my ticket status on
You will be able to check the status of your waitlisted tickets by logging in to your My Bookings account. Just click on the booking details of a ticket and the current status will be displayed.

16. Can I book tickets under a special quota through
Online booking for special quota, such as for foreign tourists' quota is not applicable. You can apply for ladies quota but cannot inquire availability. train


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